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General terms

By using the services of the «Suvar Finance» investment fund, you automatically agree to the following Terms and Conditions concluded between the investment fund (the Company), which is located in the website and the investor (the Client) to provide and proper implementation of these rules Agreement on both sides.

The Agreement enters into force after a successful registration on the website and providing personal cabinet (the Account) to the Client. If you are not agree with one or more clauses of this Agreement, please discontinue further actions in the website

1. «Suvar Finance» provides services in accordance with the following Terms of Service. The client can be notified via e-mail or internal messaging service. We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time without notice. You are required to regularly review these terms. By opening investment deposit you agree to comply with the following Terms of Service.

2. In order to open account in the «Suvar Finance» investment fund, the Client must be deemed in accordance with the legislation of his/her country; the Client must be 18 years old or older.

3. The Client must provide actual, accurate and complete personal information to confirm the ownership of account opened in the «Suvar Finance» website.

4. Except as stated otherwise, you are solely responsible for all your decisions regarding to the profitability of your investments, assets or strategies, or the use of any other products or services, following to its own investment purposes, personal status and financial position. You make investments at your own risk, and admit that previous results does not guarantee the same results in future. You admit that all information, that you find on this website has informational and training character, and are not the recommendation or consultation on investments, taxes or legal issues.

5. Our priority Ц to protect the privacy and security of your personal information. Therefore, we have adopted a set of methods and rules aimed at preserving the security of your information. However, the Client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her username and password, and responsibility for all actions taken under account. The Client agrees to
(a) immediately report the «Suvar Finance» in face of its representatives of any unauthorized use of his/her account or any other breach of security, and
(b) make sure that at the end of each session, he or she use the logout link from the account.

«Suvar Finance» and its representatives are not responsible for any loss incurred due to non-compliance of terms of clause 5 by the Client.

6. Any communication between you and the Fund via e-mail or internal messaging service will be recorded by us in order to conduct and process information and use it for a competent answer. We may use the above information and send you our advertising and marketing materials, regular newsletters and other information that we suppose are interesting to you.

7. The Client confirms that he or she will not use our services for any illegal purpose or in any matter, that does not meet the conditions of service. The Client admit that any correspondence between him or her and the «Suvar Finance» is confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party.

8. The Client confirms and agrees that all or any of the materials, including, among other notices, original or creative promotional materials, ideas, suggestions, quizzes, comments, programs and any other material provided you via e-mail  or other method by the «Suvar Finance», including advertisements on this website are not confidential, but belong exclusively to the «Suvar Finance». The «Suvar Finance» investment fund has the exclusive rights, including intellectual property rights, and may use these materials without limit for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without prior notice.


Working with account

9. The Client may open to 10 multi-accounts on the «Suvar Finance» website. However, he or she can make an unlimited number of deposits under the terms of investment plans offered by our investment fund.

10. The Client can deposit funds using electronic money payment system the Perfect Money. Each investment plan has the minimum and maximum amount to invest.

11. Firewall and antivirus software installed on your computer should always be updated

12. We do not recommend to open e-mail messages with attachments or visit suspicious links if you don't know the sender and do not expect a message.

13. Do not reply to e-mail messages, which for any reason, allegedly were sent from us with a request to provide account access information from your personal cabinet on the «Suvar Finance» website. Remember, we NEVER send investors such kind of e-mails.

14. When working with a website of the investment fund «Suvar Finance», always check the correctness of the website address This is our official website. We also have the official mirror domains at, and . Criminals can use phishing websites that are consonant with the official domain in order to get the access to your account. Therefore, we strongly ask you to check our official website address in the address bar of your browser and never put data on websites with a similar design of the investment fund «Suvar Finance»

15. Don't use the same passwords for different account information. Account password must differ from financial password.

16. In order to request withdraw funds from your account, you should confirm a request by entering the financial password. If you find any suspicious actions, contact us immediately.



17. The Client confirms and warrants that at the time of accepting and agreeing of this terms or any other contractual obligations or transactions with the «Suvar Finance» investment fund, he or she is of a legal age (adult) (18 years or more), in the right mind with full legal capacity and with the awareness of all risks associated with online investments.

18. By accepting the Terms of Service, the Client agrees that the sevices rendered by the «Suvar Finance» company, does not contradict the legislation of his or her country.

19. The Client must not disclose the information related to the access of his or her account.

20. The Client must personally monitor and analyze the operations carried out on his or her account, and notify the «Suvar Finance» of any unauthorized access to account, or the identified discrepancies.

21. The Client give its own funds in favor of the «Suvar Finance» for a free use, and the Company, in its turn, guarantees the performance of financial operations on behalf of a Client in the market of investment services to meet the obligations of bringing the income for the whole period of mutual cooperation.


Force majeure and Copyright

22. The «Suvar Finance» is not liable to the Client for any delay in operations, caused by any cause beyond its control, or any unauthorized operation on the Client's account. The «Suvar Finance» unable to control the speed and quality of signal, incoming and outgoing data on the Internet connection, and can not affect the configuration of the Client's computer, the quality and safety of its connection, thus, the «Suvar Finance» company is not responsible for any failure, distortion or delay in data transmission.

23. The «Suvar Finance» is not responsible for any failure co comply with its obligations under this Agreement, faced as a result of force majeure, such as flood, earthquake and other natural disasters, the newly adopted state regulations that prohibit activities under this Agreement, the military operations, wars, riots, strikes, any technical communication failures, copyright infringement, etc.

24. The «Plazma Group» company is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights and all information contained on this website.

25. This website is protected by copyright, with all rights reserved. The content of this website is intended solely for use by our investors.

26. Any reproduction, distribution, modification, republication, performance or display of the contents of this website is not permitted without the prior written consent of the «Suvar Finance» management.


© 2021. Suvar Finance.
All rights to this website belong to its legal owner.


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