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How to invest money to the «Suvar Finance» investment fund?

You must have an account on the Perfect Money payment processor website. After you get an account, deposit funds using online exchange services. The information can be found on different investment forums' websites.

How to withdraw money from the «Suvar Finance» investment fund?

Please, authorize on website and go to a withdraw page. Then make a new withdrawal request.

How long will it take to add funds?

Your account balance will be deposited immediately right after you process the transaction of a desired sum to our Perfect Money account.

How to edit e-mail address?

E-mail address can be changed by requesting the support department.

How to edit account password?

Account password can be changed in profile page. Authorize on a website first.

How to edit financial password?

Financial ccount password can be changed in profile page. Authorize on a website first.

What if I forgot my username and account password?

You can use the reminder system in order to get your account access information. Click on the "Remind?" link on the authorization form.

What if I forgot my financial password?

You can use the reminder system in order to get your financial password. Click on the "Remind?" link on the authorization form.

Does a daily profit paid directly to my e-currency account?

No, daily profit is added to your balance at the «Suvar Finance» investment fund's website.

After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my e-currency account?

The withdrawal requests are processed manually by our operator, but daily, including weekends and holidays. It can take from 3 to 72 hours to process.

Are there any risks of losing my money?

We can guarantee a low-risk investments to all of our investors during the whole term of cooperation with us, as we have business in various fields, it allows us to diversify equally all risks related to assets managing.

How to check the information of my account?

Our investors are free to access the account information anytime and anywhere just visiting our official website from any computer that has the Internet connection.

Am I allowed to open multiple accounts in the «Suvar Finance» website?

Each investor may open to 10 accounts on the website. In case of exceeding this limitation, all accounts will be blocked, and and the entire funds will be frozen.

What kind of employees are working at the «Suvar Finance» investment fund?

Among our employees are: web designer, web programmer, 5 person who provide the support department and also project managers. All of us communicate with each other almost every day.

How to become an investor and open an account with the «Suvar Finance» investment fund?

You don't have to go to the New Zealand and visit our office personally. All financial operations and transactions are processed at our website. That's why you can join the «Suvar Finance» investment fund without leaving your home, just using your personal computer and Internet connection.

Do I need to have any special skills in order to earn money with the «Suvar Finance» investment funds?

We have organized the cooperation with investors on the level, which allows to open a new account on our website within several minutes and start investing immediately in order to get a first profit on the next business day without any interruption.

Do I have to provide you my real personal information?

We oblige all investors to provide us only real personal information in order to secure and relate account with a real owner. You can provide a false information, but, in case of the disputable situation, you can not confirm of your holding account. This can lead to losing your money.

What is your security policy?

We present our security policy in 4 levels. First level requesting of account username and password. Second level protecting from the phishing websites by displaying the welcome text which is stored only at the official website. Third level requesting of financial password for making a new withdrawal request funds from investor's account. Forth level requesting of secret question and valid answer in order to remind the account access information. All investors' passwords are stored in database encrypted.

What do you use my investments for?

We use our investors' funds in various investment assets. The main part of investments go to the traders' accounts, who generate income at the Forex market, the other part of investments is used in buy/sell operations at the stock market, one more part of investments is used in trading at the binary options and betting offices. These investment assets can guarantee highly income for us. And we, by our turn, guarantee the profit to our investors, according to our investment plans.

What is a term of investment period?

Investment term depends on investing sum. The minimum term by the investment plan "Beginner" is 30 business days. The maximal term by the investment plan "Maximum" is 180 business days.

Is it possible to get back principal after the expiration of investment term?

All our investment plans intend the return of principal right after the expiration of investment term.

Do you have the automatic compounding or the re-investing function?

The automatic re-investing or compounding is supported on the senior investment plans "Premium" and "Maximum". The junior investment plans "Beginner" and "Standard" do not support this feature.

Is there a chance to lose my funds?

The «Suvar Finance» investment fund is simultaneously supported by the whole group of other investment funds that we manage at the same time. This may guarantee the no-risk investments for a long term. We have a huge experience on the field of Internet investments. Considering our experience we confidently say that diversification of investments equally between all of our assets that we manage for a long time may bring a quiet profit to all our investors.


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