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«Suvar Finance» Fund

«Suvar Finance» is a group of investment projects, which we manage. Each investment project forms the income in a particular field of activity. Most popular fields, where we generate income from investors money:

Automated Forex
Trading Systems

on PAMM-accounts

on Stock Market


on Betting Offices

on Binary Options


Besides our main investment assets, we also manage secondary projects, which are related to e-commerce anyway. Accordingly we cover the most popular Internet users audience, who are interested in earning money in the Internet.

Automated e-currency
exchange services

Online shops
of electronic goods

Online gambling, casino,
poker and roulette

In other words, we are engaged in development of professional investment funds. Most of our projects brought us a stunning success. Even now, unsuspectingly, you are investing in our funds, some of them are on the top 10 of popular investment funds that are actively discussed on popular Russian and English speaking investment forums. Surely, we can not mention them for obvious circumstances.

The main feature of all our projects is a long-term activity. We are not interested in so called "one-day" projects. The main direction  is a middle-term and long-term projects. The minimal term, which we give to a promotion period 6 months. If for this time a project becomes popular, that means we will manage it for a long time. We always manage huge projects that are working for several years. Each month we launch a new investment fund.

All our websites have a unique design and structure. We do not create websites based on templates. We do our best in order to develop websites, that are not similiar, which are cardinally differs from each other by its functionality and technical specifications.

For the entire period of our activity we came to a conclusion as long as our investment funds are run simultaneously, the more successful participation become for our investors. Each of our project is being supported by the others financially. We decided to develop a team investment fund under the trade name «Suvar Finance». This fund will be managed and supported with a joint force of all other investment funds in group, that can guarantee the greatness and a long term performance.


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Automated forex
trading systems

on Pamm-accounts

on stock market

on betting offices

on binary options